-Year 2000 Gallery-


Survivors from the past


1930s steel post with scroll work removed and arm raised to accomodate 1960s Alpha 3 lantern



Slightly later steel post with arm in original posiion but no scroll work






1950s/60s 25' Concrete utilities columns all but disappeared on main roads by 2000



Some side street concrete columns still remain








19th century Morris column with 1920s CA swan neck and pole operated switch.


1902 vintage arc lamp column with remains of 1930s double bracket for the Worthing lanterns








1930s vintage swan neck and Revo side street lantern


A one off was this 'cut off' Revo C13660 lantern installed at the junction of Firle Rd and Cavendish Ave. in the 1960s amongst its more streamlined neighbours




By 2000 multi lamp fittings were fast disappearing, this being one of the original 1963 lanterns outside the Congress Theatre

Just about the only surviving Revo seafront lantern to retain all its original glassware, most of its neighbours having discoloured plastic fitted






The last remaining 1960s Revo streamlined Sol'd'or 90W SOX lantern in Firle rd











Back alleyways had cheap and cheerful lighting installed. On the left the remains of a 1920s CA fitting and hand switch alongside its 1980s replacement and on the right a Beta 5 installed on the old angle iron frame.






Half a dozen or so handswitches remained on their rusting CA swan necks into 2001












One of the few double ladder bar Morris columns was refurbished and re-sited outside the Devonshire Park Theatre in 1983.










Typical Installations


Plain & boring Philips MA50s on 8m columns.


Classic 1960s Thorn Alpha 3s on 10m columns.









Typical of a late 60s / early 70s main approach road combination of Relite 135W SOX lantern and 10 m column.


In the same era many new estates had their walkways lit with post top GEC lanterns(background) although replacements now are usually the Thorn Gamma 6







A typical 90s renewal with a long 6m hockey stick and Philips MI55 replacing the old column and outreach arm and Thorn Beta 8 lantern.







Lottbridge Drove Philips MA50s and 60s on 10m columns



GEC/Siemans/Whitecroft 135W SOX lanterns in Prince William Parade








1960s hockey sticks and 1970s Beta 8 lanterns in Latimer rd.


Adjacent Sidley Rd kept the Every columns but had replacement swan necks fitted when the top entry GEC MBF lamps were fitted. The side entry Beta 8s followed in the 70s








1970s GEC lantern on CA swan neck mounted on the taller version of the Every column.


1990s Hockey stick and Philips lanterns on the Admirals Estate








Swan neck 1960s style.



Whitecroft SRL 8 fittings lighting Cross Levels Way cycle path














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