Tungsten lanterns


Gas Windsor type fitting with electric conversion kit

1920s Reflector fitting

300w Holophane fitting

Large Bleeco Worthing lantern

Bleeco 'Hove' lantern

Small Bleeco Worthing lantern

155 deg ESLA with figured mirrors for clear GLS lamps

Tee Esla


Large 2 way Esla

Narrow 2 way ESLA

3 way Esla

4 way Esla

1930s Revo refractor lantern

Bleeco reflector fitting

Side entry Revo? lantern

Brighton Junior lantern by Bleeco

Revo Prefect with prismatic bowl

Revo C14404

Revo Prefect with clear glass bowl

1920s GEC Wembley Lantern

1950s GEC Wembley

1910s Reason 'G' fitting


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